Dream a Little Dream

Life is trying to teach you something.
Life is trying to teach you something.

This isn’t necessarily about music, but it is for me. For you, it can be about… whatever it’s about for you. Join me for a little thought-experiment.

Suppose for a moment that it might be the case that if all your dreams were to come true, you wouldn’t actually feel any different on a day-to-day basis.

It would be like this: your ship comes in. You hit the lottery, or you find true love, or your novel gets picked up by a publisher and tops the best seller list, or your long-lost great-uncle bequeaths his working, debt-free organic farm to you. And you discover, once you’ve settled into your new life, that you basically have the same thoughts, the same longings, in many ways the same problems that you think you’re having right now.

What a thing to discover, right? How does the thought of such a possibility make you feel?

If it is the case that this would be true, then there’s a couple of corollaries we’d have to consider, which may change how you might feel about the possibility.

First of all, perhaps your wildest dreams have already come true to a much greater degree than you realize.

Try it. Verbalize your wildest dreams right now, or write them down. When you’re done with that, describe the details of your present day-to-day life. Compare the two. Are they as different as you think? Maybe so, but maybe not.

Secondly, perhaps the key to feeling any different on a day-to-day basis is something independent of whether your wildest dreams come true. And perhaps that key is available to you right now.

I can’t tell you what it might be for you; perhaps it’s meditation, or a regular process of emotional processing, or sweet sweet lovin’, or video games, or yoga, or half a dozen cats. But there’s something that will help, something that works for you.

And, if this supposition turns out to be true, then you’re going to have to find this key, even if your ship does come in.

So I’m not saying not to dream, not to long after your heart’s desire, not to strive to fulfill what you feel as your life’s mission. Go. Dream, long, strive. But at some point you’re going to have to take care of how you feel about life on a day-to-day basis.

Is there any reason whatsoever not to start this very moment?

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