Vocal Performance: Jazz, Blues, and more

Circlesinging and Vocal/Choral Improvisation require singing. Years before Amado was introduced to Circlesinging, he was a regular performer of Jazz, the Blues, a cappella, and Pop/Rock—all built on a foundation of choral singing in the Lutheran church. Contact Amado to arrange for a performance.

Listen to Amado perform as a vocal soloist in a wide variety of styles:

Amado with his Jazz band Trading Eights

Stardust (with Jared Gibbs)

Amado with his Blues/Jazz band Upbeat

Some Kind of Wonderful (with the Syndicators)

old Jazz recordings, incl. three with a Big Band

There are also video recordings available. Here are ten excerpt videos from a performance at the Hard Rock Live in Universal Studios Orlando with the band Upbeat.

Finally, here is a full-length video recording of a performance of the band Groovestones.