Now Let’s Make Some Jazz

I just had an insight. Yesterday I sang 2 songs from the Jazz Std Rep for an audition.

(Aside: intention matters. When it’s for an audition and everybody knows it, you sing so they know what you can do—tone, range, intonation, agility/flexibility, expressiveness, dynamics, phrasing, inventiveness, and/or whatever other musical dimension you can demonstrate you’re aware of. It’s not about drawing the song out, or giving each player their solo, or other things that I’m used to doing when I’m doing it for real.)

Visualizing future conversations with some of the players involved, by brain came up with: “thanks for playing for my audition. Now, let’s make some jazz.

What difference—between what I did singing All Blues for an audition and singing that same tune on a Thursday night at a club—is my pre-conscious mind picking up on? (more…)