Representative Samples, for Berklee

Thank you for reviewing my application to teach harmony as a full-time professor at Berklee College of Music. Here, I have curated for you representative samples of my work, grouped by topic: Circlesinging, Jazz/Blues Performance, Original Compositions, and Educational Materials.


Circlesinging and other forms of collaborative vocal improvisation may be thought of as a form of improvisational choral composing. The practice, in its current form, was pioneered by Bobby McFerrin and his colleagues. Follow this link for more information about circlesinging.

Circlesinging on Zoom – album available on Bandcamp. When pandemic conditions made it necessary to move our community-singing events on-line, we started preparing pre-recorded collaboratively-improvised pieces for the purpose. These are my solo (non-collaborative) pieces from that effort. Use code cjlg-bkaz at for the full album.

Collaborative Improvisation with VoiceExchange – at this link you will find a playlist of songs collaboratively created for the same online events referenced above. Musical parts were individually improvised; most of the audio engineering and song arrangement was done by me, in my home studio (with notable exceptions).

The Daily Song Project – For two years, starting in late 2014, I set aside 1 hour every weekday to improvise something into my looping device, and published all 390 recordings online. This playlist highlights some of the best pieces from the 2-year song-cycle project.

What Words May Come – another Bandcamp album and set of samples from my Daily Song Project, featuring songs from May 2016 written on haiku.

Circlesinging Community-Singing Events – In-person and online events continue, listed at for the Washington, D.C. area and for Roanoke, VA.

Jazz/Blues Performance

Representative samples of my performances in Jazz, Blues, and related popular music can be found on the Vocal Performance page on this website (here’s a link).

Original Compositions

Here are links to recordings of original music, in recital stage idioms and in contemporary popular idioms.

Music for the Recital Stage

Music in Contemporary Popular Styles

Educational Materials

Here is my 10-minute instructional video on Pivot Chord Modulations:

The link to my lecture recital presentation, From Circles to Song, is not embedding properly into this web page, for reasons unknown. Find it here: