Circlesinging Solo

Making up musical parts while standing in the center of a circle of singers is a wonderful experience, as is singing in a small group of vocal improvisers. Too bad we can’t have our singing friends with us whenever the inspiration strikes.

Fortunately, surrogates exist in looping devices, programs, and apps; one such is Loopy HD for iPad and iPhone.

Loopy HD is inexpensive and relatively easy to use, but does have some nuances that can be challenging for the first-time user. Plus, there is the task of tweaking the techniques of vocal improvisation to the recorded medium.

Amado has used Loopy HD to improvise and record nearly 400 songs; most took just 50 minutes to make. Cross-trained in vocal improvisation and technical support, Amado makes the ins and outs of Loopy HD easy to understand. Learn:

  • setting up for 6, 9, or 12 loops
  • setting tempos and loop-lengths
  • singing to fully deliver a looping part
  • panning parts and balancing volumes
  • merging tracks
  • muting and un-muting tracks
  • understanding your parts (be they motor, interlock, or contrast) as “themes,” “fanfares,” or “supporting roles”
  • solos as foreground; loops as context
  • “sessions” versus “recordings”
  • creating a “performance”

The workshop is hands-on and interactive. Participants will co-create recordings to practice the techniques presented. Visit our Contact page to request information!