The Daily Song Project

There was one lesson that everybody—teachers, fellow students, staff, random passers-by—seemed to want me to take home from this year’s Circlesongs workshop with Bobby McFerrin et al*. And that was:

Stop talking. Start singing.

At one point the lesson was delivered by a chorus, right on my face. I was trying to describe one of the things I could maybe show people, maybe it would be helpf… “Stop talking! Start singing!” Okay then! (more…)

Dream a Little Dream

Life is trying to teach you something.
Life is trying to teach you something.

This isn’t necessarily about music, but it is for me. For you, it can be about… whatever it’s about for you. Join me for a little thought-experiment.

Suppose for a moment that it might be the case that if all your dreams were to come true, you wouldn’t actually feel any different on a day-to-day basis.

It would be like this: your ship comes in. You hit the lottery, or you find true love, or your novel gets picked up by a publisher and tops the best seller list, or your long-lost great-uncle bequeaths his working, debt-free organic farm to you. And you discover, once you’ve settled into your new life (more…)

Artistry versus Craftsmanship

It aint nothin' but the dog in me.

It aint nothin’ but the dog in me.

Design is weird. And design is weird because: everybody’s got the tools to try their hand at design.

Let me show you what I mean, by doing this: today, right now, I’m going to make you an architect. The top-of-the-line software tool that architects use to design their buildings is AutoCAD by Autodesk. They make a free trial of their Building Design Suite available on their website. Just download it, install it, run it, and voilà! Or perhaps that’s too much, too fast, and you’d like to ease into your new career. Some architects also make use of SketchUp Pro, which is a bit more reasonably-priced. And you can use the free version, SketchUp Make, to get started.

There it is: free software, just install it and now you’re an architect.

Perhaps not? (more…)

Communication that Goes Deeper than the Story

Two social media companies.The office I work for is part of our university’s division of Outreach and International Affairs (OIA). I recently attended a communications seminar organized by OIA’s communications staff, and I found it chock-full of meaningful information that directly pertains to my work. You see, while my work focuses on the techy solutions, as a front-end developer, I have always regarded my role as within the realm of communications.

I’m not going to try to summarize the information from the seminar; to do so would do a disservice to the great presenters we learned from. Instead, I’m going to try to apply a couple of the lessons that I found inspirational. In one of the exercises, we were asked to come up with clear, easy-to-understand messages that explain our job function. So, what do I do, really, and why is what I do important? (more…)


I'd like the emotion on the right, please...

I’d like the emotion on the right, please…

An acquaintance recently said, somewhere in public, “I wish I could just be happy.” And that statement got me musing on how my concepts on the nature of happiness have changed in the four years I’ve worked for OIRED.

…which, in turn, has derailed the post I’d intended to write today. Something about puppies, it was. I think. I forget.

It hasn’t all been a result of doing my work—web design—for an office that does grant-funded international development work, though that’s certainly been part of it. But I experience the past four years as being a period of tremendous growth for me, both professionally and personally. And I’ve had some profound experiences which also have been a factor in shaping my current understanding of emotions in general, and happiness in particular.

So while it would be the height of hubris to suggest that I have The Answer, when the subject of happiness comes up these days, I have these responses. I hope they’re worthwhile. (more…)