Month: August 2014

Expanding Your Freedom by Limiting Your Choices

I’m mainly thinking of my fellow improvising vocalists as I write, but this can probably apply equally well to any improvising musician, or any vocalist, or any other instrumentalist, or any artist if you want to stretch it. If you’ve ever felt

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The Daily Song Project

There was one lesson that everybody—teachers, fellow students, staff, random passers-by—seemed to want me to take home from this year’s Circlesongs workshop with Bobby McFerrin et al*. And that was: Stop talking. Start singing. At one point the lesson was

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Dream a Little Dream

This isn’t necessarily about music, but it is for me. For you, it can be about… whatever it’s about for you. Join me for a little thought-experiment. Suppose for a moment that it might be the case that if all

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