What is Circlesinging, really?

(Here’s hoping I don’t get myself into too much trouble with this one, because it isn’t really my term to own or define. I’m going to attribute and refer heavily, but first, to business:)

Here are two definitions of Circlesinging which amount to the same thing: it is a community-singing practice that emphasizes the music-of-the-moment; and, it is a music-invention method that makes use of a chorus for help. Whether you experience it as more the former or the latter may depend on your vantage point. Continue reading “What is Circlesinging, really?”

This Solution Proposes to be a Solution


The breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions?

Hackers will hack anything.

Now there’s a guy who has dissolved multivitamins, oat powder, whey protein, brown rice syrup, and other things in olive oil and water to make a solution that purports to completely replace the eating of meals. His name is Rob Rhinehart, and he’s a software engineer, of all things. But that’s hacker culture these days: it doesn’t confine itself to code. Anything: life, design, our brains, gadgets, and even human nutrition are all things to be tinkered with, broken down, unlocked, re-engineered.

He calls it Soylent. He should have consulted a professional communicator first. I know which Charlton Heston movie quote is probably echoing in your mind right now, and the associations there aren’t too positive. How about Lembas? Or Mudder’s Milk? Those are some names with positive vibes and serious geek cred!

But I digress. Continue reading “This Solution Proposes to be a Solution”