Welcome to Amado Music

Amado is back with his latest band, Trading Eights. The musical term “trading eights” refers to improvisation, passed back and forth between musicians. It’s in-the-moment, spontaneous, and exciting music that will transport an audience! Amado’s music will move you to dance, or maybe sing, or just enjoy an energetic, artistic, and above all, passionate performance. It is fresh and energizing, defying definition – it’s bluesy, jazzy, funky, and original. This is music that will make you happy!

About Amado

The Vocalist: Amado’s voice is amazingly versatile—sometimes described as strong, sometimes sweet, and at times jazzy, or sensitive. His singing is also bluesy, funky, or even a little crazed, but it’s always expressive, and he always sings with the best expression for the occasion.

“I sing because it’s exciting to me, and I love how it makes me aware of the present moment. I sing to make you smile, to move you, and maybe sometimes to make you think—or to dance! But ultimately, I sing to express things for which words alone aren’t quite enough.”

The Songwriter: Amado has written songs and instrumentals in a variety of styles: rock, ballads, pop, avant-garde, new age, and he’s currently exploring the worlds of jazz, jazz-rock, and the blues.

“The music that I like has some kind of power over me. Some music touches me deeply; some is deeply moving… and some of it just makes me need to move! So I enjoy putting sounds together, and seeing how they affect people. I hope to reach people by sharing my music, and to move audiences in the kinds of ways that I’ve been moved.”


“In the late summer of 2011, I attended a week-long workshop that has turned out to be the best event of my life so far. Nope, I’m not exaggerating. It was called Circlesongs, and it was a workshop (and a way to make choral music) developed by Bobby McFerrin and taught on this occasion by Bobby and five of his closest singer-friends.

“Of course, at this event I was given techniques that I can use to improve my vocal performance. But more importantly, my passion to make the best music I can was re-ignited and turbo-charged by Bobby, the faculty and staff of the Circlesongs workshop, and my 181 fellow attendees. I can’t wait to, through singing, let you in on that joy, as best I am able.”

And again in August of 2012, Amado went back to study for a week with Bobby McFerrin and the same five additional genius instructors.

One of the ways Amado is paying this experience forward is through facilitating Circlesong-style singing workshops in Washington D.C. and the southwestern Virginia area. Click to read more information about singing workshops.