Breaking Out in Song

Imagine music that brings you a bit more joy, a bit more hope even, perhaps a bit more mirth—right now. Because you need at least a short break from sorrow and despair.

I can help. Click on that Play button to the right. That’s all. I’d just like you to hear some music I’ve made, in hopes that it does that for you.

Another way is to visit my Daily Song Project on Soundcloud, where you can listen to a whole 21 hours of improvised a cappella music, most of it wordless.

But don’t take my word for it.

“…fun, uplifting, and spiritual music…” “This is really awesome! Amazing vocal tracks that layer together so well to create such a great grove and feel! I really love this! Very creative!” “…you’ve got some sick vocal abilities…” “…your multitrack improv circlesongs… I love them…” “Keep those songs coming, they’re amazing!” “Love what you’re doing!” “Nice groove and groovy vocals!” “…this style really fascinates…” “Excellent a cappella production…” “…some fine voice control…” “…compelling and infectious right from the start…” “…a real treat all around…” “…nonsense words imitate true language with natural phrasing and the rise and fall of questions and answers…” “A wonderful listen, thanks!” “…this is about the coolest thing I’ve heard…” “I love the groove, the scatting, the bvox–all of it. ” “…fun, funky, and bouncy…” “…my head was bobbing in time while I was listening…” “Great vocals as a band! Really great stuff here.” “I just lose myself in the gentle,funky ebb and tide of it all.” “What a wonderful energy your music has! ” “…you make it sound so easy…” “Wow that is cool and funky! What a great groove…” “Deliciously delightful…” “…a positive vibe… celebratory in nature to my ears.” “…just excellent singing and recording…” “…so incredibly good…” “…counterpoint and syncopation are spot-on…” “…this is stunning…” “…this is beautiful…” “…lovely and very inspiring…” “DOPE harmonies.” “Some of the nicest scatting I’ve heard in ages.” “…you are so good at scatting that it works without lyrics…” “…great emotion and phrasing in the lead, perfect harmonies.” “…what you do is amazing…” “…totally captivated by the phenomenal music. Great vocals and beat box sound.” “There are a few singers I’ve met who can sing a page out of the phone book and make it beautiful, powerful, and something far beyond the trite advertisiment and basic information it’s intended to convey. You’re definitely in that camp.”

Are you a singer? Because doing the singing takes this to a whole other level, as you probably know. So read about a type of event called circlesinging and find an event near you. Or, for the advanced singer, I could teach you how I make my Daily Songs, from either the artistic or the technological side.

If you just like reading about music, browse the blog for topics you might like.

What Kind of Music?

Rattling off a list of influences—Prog Rock, Prince, Jazz Fusion, a cappella, Hard Bop, Electric Blues, Funk, almost anything played on a Hammond B3 organ, and Bobby McFerrin—is of dubious usefulness. But perhaps you’ll hear that history in the music I make.

My most massive undertaking—my ongoing Daily Song Project, over 250 songs and counting—is all improvised a cappella. Voices and vocal percussion. That’s what you’ll hear, above. For earlier stuff in different orchestrations, try:

Everything here is freely available for you to stream or download. Of course there are ways that you can encourage me to keep at it, if you discover that you like what I’m doing. I’ll remind you about my Patreon page from time to time. But don’t let it distract you; enjoy the music.